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  1. My age 85 wife’s vision has dropped to unusable due to macular degeneration. She loves to read. Is there anyone out there who can identify a product she can use while sitting that will scan a book or magazine in her lap and speak the text of the book or magazine?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated and followed up on.

    Thank you

    Otis Goodwin


    • Hello Otis,

      Today there are a variety of products that can help your wife read. There are devices that scan books, but also digital players that can read audio books. You might want to check out and contact our Tools for Living Store for suggestions. Their website is http://www.lighthousetoolsforliving.org. There you can find all their contact information. If you are in the United States, the Library of Congress can provide audio or “talking” books free of charge. Check with your local library for more information about this service. Best of luck to you both!


  2. You might want to check out the KNFB reader! However, it is an app that you download to your smartphone, and I believe that the cost for this app. runs about $100! I hope this helps. Good luck, and happy reading! 🙂


    • I agree with Michell — the KNFB Reader is a handy app for those who have smartphones! I personally use it, and find it to be pretty accurate. Much more accurate, in fact, than the original stand-alone device or Nokia cell phone on which it came pre-installed.


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