A Special Letter to Santa from Sandy

Dear Santa,SandysView_holiday

Christmas is just around the corner, so I’m sending you this letter – AKA blog post – before it’s too late! Don’t worry, this time I won’t be asking you for the newest toys or technology on the market, I’m sure your sleigh is already piled up with gifts for children around the world! I have really been trying to be good this year in hopes that you won’t leave me a lump of coal! Although I’m all grown up, I still believe in you and the magic of Christmas. Here are my top three Christmas wishes for this holiday season, and all year long.


  1. Better education opportunities for blind and visually impaired boys and girls


Sadly, many children who are blind or visually impaired still don’t have access to a good education. This is especially true for those children in developing countries, who often don’t go to school because there simply aren’t any resources or assistive equipment for them to participate in the classroom. Schools in third-world countries might not have things like assistive computers or Braille books, and I’m sure they would really appreciate it if you (or any of your helpers) could donate this extremely necessary equipment during this time of year.


  1. More job opportunities for blind and visually impaired adults


I hope that you can somehow open the minds of employers so that they will understand that blind and visually impaired adults are perfectly capable of working. Simple adaptations, like magnifying or talking devices, help those of us with low or no vision be as effective as everyone else on the job. Also, just because we can’t see doesn’t mean we are more prone to hurting ourselves or our co-workers. Employers can count on us to be as reliable and loyal as our sighted counterparts!


  1. A more inclusive and accessible world for all


Thanks to laws like the ADA, the United States has become more accessible to those of us with disabilities. Audio announcements allow me to ride on trains and buses independently, while ramps allow wheelchair users to enter restaurants, stores and many other buildings. People with disabilities live all over the world, and they too deserve to have a more accessible and inclusive environment. I sincerely hope that the magic of the holidays will inspire society to open their minds and hearts to make a better world for those with disabilities.


The holiday season is a very special time of year for us all. It is a time when we have renewed hopes and dreams for a better world. Santa, I hope that you can work your magic all year long so that my wishes come true. After all, these hopes are shared by all of us who have or know someone with a disability.


Thanks for your time, and happy holidays to you and all of the Sandy’s View followers!


Merry Christmas to all,



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