Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is here, and with it comes the start of the holiday season. For Sandysview_thanksgivingmost of us it also means cooking delicious meals and treats! A variety of simple tools and devices can help those experiencing vision loss in the kitchen. I spoke with our very own Bridget McDermott from the Tools for Living Store, who shared with me some of the various gadgets available to make cooking fun and safe. Located at the Chicago Lighthouse, the Tools for Living Store carries a wide selection of assistive technology, independent living and many other products for people who are blind or visually impaired.


If baking for the holidays is your thing, then measuring spoons and cups with either Braille or large print are a must have for you! The Pourfect Braille measuring cups come in a set of nine, while the set of 12 Braille measuring spoons will help you get all ingredient amounts just right. A variety of large print and color-coded measuring cups and spoons are the perfect item for those baking enthusiasts with low vision. Meanwhile, tactile, talking and large print timers will let you know when to get those tasty treats out of the oven.


Various devices can help when cutting and poring. If you have little or no vision and are afraid of spilling, liquid level indicators can help. Priced at $13, these small devices make a buzzing sound to alert users when liquid is about to reach the top of a glass or cup. Meanwhile, the Magic Knife can help in cutting vegetables and baked goods safely, as its serrated blade prevents self cutting. Another tool that can be particularly helpful to those with low vision is a black and white cutting board. Priced at $20.00, users can choose between the black or white cutting surface for a better color contrast. The VeggieChop is a hand-powered device that can chop fruits and vegetables, and costs $20.00.


Blind and visually impaired individuals need not worry about accidently burning themselves when putting or removing something from the stove or oven. Flame resistant oven mitts can help when handling hot pots or pans. Oven guards will keep pans safely in place and prevent people from burning when reaching into the oven. Additionally, the store carries a wide variety of other dishes and utensils made of silicone to prevent users from burning themselves when handling hot foods. You can also find talking meat thermometers and labeling products for your kitchen appliances.


To find out more or purchase any of the products offered at the Tools for Living Store, you may stop in person at our main location at 1850 W. Roosevelt Road in Chicago or at our Glenview facility at 222 N. Waukegan Road. You may also call toll free at 800-91903375 Or email store@chicagolighthouse.org. To order online, visit http://www.lighthousetools forliving.org. Proceeds from all products support the programs offered at the Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Sandy’s View team and all of us at the Chicago Lighthouse! We sure are thankful to have such a wonderful group of followers – thanks for commenting and liking our blog! I hope you have a fun, enjoyable and safe weekend with your family and friends. Happy cooking to all!


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